Logos & Corporate Identity

Azalea Homes — Full-Service Company Branding

When a group of seasoned developers were ready to start a home building company in Atlanta, they chose CTD to help name the new company, design their new brand, collateral and website. After several brainstorming meetings and lots of coffee, Azalea Homes was born. Be sure to view their website and blog at www.azaleahomesga.com

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Nickajack Elementary Foundation

A group of Nickajack Elementary parents formed a foundation to raise mony to fund a salaried teacher for the school's state-of-the-art computer lab. We developed a brand for the foundation that was easily recognizable as part of Nickajack, but more importantly a serious and professional group of parents seeking funding from large companies throughout Atlanta.

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TurnKey General Contractors

The TurnKey brand was created for a new construction company formed of experienced builders, construction managers and a seasoned development team. The logo needed to convey that the company specializes in residential and commercial construction projects as well as all aspects of development.

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Xplode Conference

The Xplode Conference team chose CTD to create a brand and overall "look" for their first realtor technology conference in Austin, TX. The logo was developed and expanded upon into event signage, banners, badges, interactive grpahics, sponsorship materials etc.

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Kerr Financial

We designed this logo for a financial services company specializing in home loans and new homebuyer services.

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New Media Atlanta Conference

The inaugural New Media Atlanta (NMATL) conference took place in the fall of 2009. CTD created the brand identity for the conference as well as all of the event graphics (banners, presentation screeens, badges and prmotional items.) The mark was designed specifically to be adaptable into an avatar for Twitter and other social networking websites.

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Atlanta Girls Night Out Marketing Group

Dina always looks forward to the next "meeting" of the Girls Night Out Marketing group. The group was started as an outlet to jsut hang out once a month with other women in the homebuilding industry. It quickly grew into a pretty large group that really needed a "brand" to use for Facebook and other networking sites.

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RETechSouth (and "RETSO")

RETechSouth is a popular real estate technology conference held in the Spring in Atlanta. It was time for a fresh look, new avatar and the addition of a mascot to the team - meet "RETSO." RETSO will be the host for RETechSouth 2010. The RETechSouth brand extends to other vehicles such as RETechSource and RETechRadio.

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Heartbeat Matchmaker

A new matchmaking company in Atlanta was about to hit the ground running, but needed an indentity that matched thier level of professionalism and discretion. The new logo and avatar were designed as well as bsusiness cards and print ads for their big launch party.

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Personal Branding

This logo was designed as a personal brand for a friend and client who likes "real estate, technology, good music, nice people and dark beer." Our kind of guy.

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